Warm weather, late sunsets,  loooong school-free days; summer’s around the corner – need something for the kids to do?

Enter FLY’s trio of timely and topnotch summer camps! For three weeks this summer the FLY Children’s Art Center will become a series of fantastic workshops dedicated to the exploration of Journalism, the Natural World, and sciences! Camps run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm – your kids will need to bring a lunch, but snack is provided!

Check out the information below for more details about each camp!


FLY Journalism Camp

At this camp, kids become the media! We’ll look at the world around us, identify important stories, research, interview, write, draw and design. We’ll publish zines, make books and newspapers to share with the community.

Instructors : Chelsea Lonsdale, Ami Walsh, Linette Lao, Apryl Pipe.

July 10-July 14

Ages: 5-12 | $275


FLY into the Natural World

Summer’s the perfect time to investigate the natural world around us! Campers will venture into FLY’s backyard, Riverside Park, to learn about life in the Huron River watershed and more. FLY connects creativity and science, and this camp will use the environment as a jumping off point for self-expression.

Instructors : Lisa Voelker, Jaclyn Morrow

July 17-July 21

Ages: 5-12 | $275


FLY Mini PhD Camp:

Anthropology, Engineering and Geology Earn your honorary FLY diploma! Join us for an amazing hands-on week with professors and educators who LOVE sharing what they do! You’ll learn about the world through three sciences as you create, innovate and explore.

Instructors: Dr. Megan Moore (EMU Anthropology), STEM Educator Cassie Byrd (UM Dearborn College of Engineering), Dr. Katherine Ryker (EMU Geology), Apryl Pipe

July 24-28

Ages: 5-12 | $275