This summer FLY hosted its first Kid-Powered Hackathon in partnership with global corporation, Isobar. The goal of the two-day weekend workshop was simple: to empower the next generation to make great things happen—for themselves, for the community and the world.

Young friends, new and old, teamed up to address some of the challenges they face in our modern community. Local artists guided the children through the designn process by leading TED-approved brainstorming activities, critical thinking and sharing, prototyping, and making.

Children proposed solutions to needs in our schools in community, and created prototypes using high-tech equipment like laser cutters and Arduinos provided in our pop-up makerspace.

Projects included:

-A people-mover that travels through the middle school hallways so you’ll never be late to class!

-A virtual reality playground that provides exciting games without the cleanup for those short recesses

-Environmentally-friendly school busses that run on bubbles

-Sparkle streetlights that provide happy and safe lighting for children that walk to school