Hello FLY readers! We have an intern who is interested in photography, so he has been taking pictures of our camps, and wrote us a little article about what he thought and what he learned!  During his internship, he will reflect on his experiences and take pictures, and he will continue to help us with a photographic catalog that our YCS at Work interns started awhile ago.  He wrote this Monday and finished on Tuesday.  Formatting and minor editorial by me.  

I’m an intern here at the FLY Children’s Art Center. Shout out to the Ozone Drop In!!! I got the job here at The Fly art Center through the The Ozone Drop In. I love coming to the Ozone. I bring everyone to the Ozone to chill.

I’m in in a program that the Ozone does every summer for sixteen year olds to the age of eighteen called Work Zone. It is when a young man or young woman is sent to a job site for a hundred hours. Which they are getting paid for their time as a part of a work training program.

I started working here at FLY Creativity Lab last Monday. Once I got here I liked it. I enjoy working with young kids for two simple facts: that I babysit my nieces and nephews; and if I would like to become a father I should be ready for the unexpected noises.

I never realized that this building was here until one of my friends said “Ty, you are going to right here!”
Then, I started to look in the windows.
“Dang, How long has this been here?” I thought, “I’ve never noticed this being here. I walk everyday and not once have I seen this building.”

The day of my interview I ran here without stopping. It hurt in the long run but as I was running I was telling myself “If I can make it to Depot town without stopping yesterday, I can do it today.” It worked but hurt. In the interview my employer noticed that I was sweating really hard so she offered me a cup of water. Once that first drop of water hit my throat, I felt alive again.

Ever since the age of ten I was babysitting my nieces and nephews. In those hours I would always look at my nieces and nephews and say “I got to get the hang of you because I know you are not going anywhere, because you’re my family.” I still babysit for my sister but that’s only if I got some free time.

Okay, in my first week of working here I liked it. The first kid I met was always the first kid to be here. He was always smiling but with some pretty cool inventions in mind.

The second kid I met was my favorite because when he talked everyone would be staring him in the eyes like he was a nice and juicy ham on Thanksgiving. He would stay to himself once he had an idea. I liked him he was cool with everyone.

Another kid that I enjoyed was a cool girl. She was quiet and independent. One thing that caught my eye about her was that she had a look that said “Stay away from me. I need to be focused.”

The second week of working at The Fly Art Center I came in thinking I’m about to see my little guys.

Oh no, they weren’t in the building when I was. I was hurt and confused. I asked “What happen to everyone?” My boss looked and said “Oh, We change up kids every week. I thought I told you that.” I was a little confused to the point where all I did was look out the window.

It’s Tuesday of my second week. Last week I worked in the afternoons, but at FLY interns can have a flexible schedule, and I figured since I get up early in the morning I might as well work in the morning.