Paper plate zoetropes are an idea that occurred to me when I was making some other projects with kids this winter.  We were making UFO mobiles that spun on an axle, and I thought, “Hey, this looks a lot like a zoetrope, and I’ve always wanted to do Zoetropes with the kids!”

So I made a template by making a stiff cardboard band and then folding it into eighths and twelfths after which I cut the slits on the fold lines.

Students then traced the cardboard  belts onto softer paper and I showed them how to stamp their objects up and down to indicate motion, and stamp the other shapes to create wings.

The images above are from my butterfly wing project-model, and below you will see some pictures of student work.  We did it in Creative Universe Saturdays, then in the after school program at YCMS.  It will be one of our lessons the week after next during time-travel camp!

Time travel camp is going to be a variety of ways that artists use time in art.  We will talk about the way we experience and express time through the arts and make some animations.  Here’s some from YCMS, Creative Universe, and Social Art Group.