This is the first in a series of how-to’s that we will be publishing on our blog.  This project was done first in the Mid-winter Break Camp, and then in the Mobile program.  It was inspired by a project in How to Make Flibbers, etcby Robert Lopshire, but updated for the materials we have on hand and to be a little more contemporary and a little less vintage.

That link on the book title goes to Amazon Smile.  Did you know if you buy books or anything from Amazon, you can send some of your purchase right to FLY?  You just have to purchase through instead of regular Amazon, and select FLY as the beneficiary of your charitable purchasing.

Also!  If this project looks interesting, you should consider this camp!

Fabulous Contraptions Around the World

7/18/2016 to 7/22/2016
Mon – Fri 1:00-4:30 PM
Grades: K – 5th
Price: $125 / additional siblings $110

Together we will investigate and “travel” the world to discover and build cool machines and moving toys from cultures near and far, old and new. Using physics and exploring geography we’ll learn about the design process and make fabulous contraptions. Imagine!