It seems like cheating to post my own interview, but I answered Sly’s questions too.  I’m going to be around all summer helping the other teachers make things happen, collaborating with Cassie, and running 2 camps of my own.  Check out all our camps! 

SLY: What kind of work do you do?
Allida: I make a lot of different artwork, but overall I like to play with patterns and textiles. I make costumes for plays, design digitally printed fabrics, and cut wood to make prints on paper.
SLY: What two animals would you mix into one new animal?
Allida: Two animals into one, huh? Maybe a butterfly with a cat. That way the cats could fly, and butterflies could have fur and live longer.
SLY: What do you like to teach?
Allida: Teaching is something I do because working with young people inspires me as an artist. So I like to teach just about anything. Just watching and asking questions about what our FLY Artists are doing is generally the best. Sometimes I see what one of you does, and say, “Hey, I’m gonna go home and make some art!”
SLY: What’s your favorite vegetable? Mine is a pickle. Are you a vegetarian?
Allida: I love brussels sprouts because they’re like little tiny cabbages. They are so perfect and small, but so hard to cook right. you have to sauté them so they end up bittersweet. I like them steamed too, but not everyone likes them that way.  I’m not vegetarian, though I try to eat more vegetables than meat.
SLY: Do you have kids?
Allida: For this one I’ll be a bit of a smart alec: I have thousands of kids! Since I started teaching 10 years ago, I’ve worked with something like 2,000 different students!