Megan Moore is teaching our C.S.I. Camp.  She’ll tell us about how she does her job, and help us use our visual prowess to understand the human body and how to observe and see things that relate to the structure of our bones.  Her website is here

SLY: What kind of work do you do?
Megan: I am a professor at Eastern Michigan University and I work as the Forensic Anthropologist for Wayne and Washtenaw Counties. This means that I am kind of like “Bones” from the TV show. I also do research with a collection of medieval skeletons in France – looking at health and nutrition, growth and development, and occupational markers on the bones.
SLY: What two animals would you mix into one new animal?
Megan: I might want to mix a ferret with a hermit crab. I think it would be fun. One is gregarious; the other is reclusive. It would be so confused all the time, darting in and out of its shell and then come out and cuddle with its furry claws.
SLY: What do you like to teach?
Megan: I love to teach about the human skeleton!
SLY: What’s your favorite vegetable? Mine is a pickle. Are you a vegetarian?
Megan: My favorite vegetable is an avocado (if that counts – because it is technically a fruit). I am not currently a vegetarian, but I have been one in the past.
SLY: Do you have kids?
Megan: I have one son who is almost five.