Lisa Voelker, creative and wonderful person was kind enough to answer the interview questions in the form of a letter. Rather than re-format the letter, we’ve decided to include it because it is a sweet caring touch!  Also, we skipped Thursday, so there will still be a teacher feature tomorrow.  

Dear Sly,

How are you? I heard you have a few questions for the people who will teach art camps this summer. Thank you! Here’s my answers!

1. I work at EMU and with K-12 classroom and field teachers, and others to create environmental and social inquiry projects at their schools, and sites. We do what is called Place-based Education. One example might be a school who decides to turn the abandoned lot across the street into a small community park.

2. A cat and a bird–I know it sounds odd, but, if I was this new animal I would want the resting life of an indoor or barn cat, and the freedom to fly away when I wanted to.

3. I love to teach all things I am passionate about: artists like Jacob Lawrence; science and ecology ideas and act ivies like watersheds; and I like to teach I draw-you draws (drawing lessons).

4. Favorite veggie= onion. Pickle, eh? Have you ever made pickles before, Sly? I am not a vegetarian. Are you?

5. I do not have my own children, no–but I do love hangin’ with kids! I think you all are way smart, and you always teach me things that surprise me.

I don’t really have a website, but sometimes I post my art teacher-ness here:


Lisa Voelker

SLY’s Questions in case you don’t know them by heart yet:
1. What kind of work do you do?
2. What two animals would you mix into one new animal?
3. What do you like to teach?
4. What’s your favorite vegetable? Mine is a pickle. Are you a vegetarian?
5. Do you have kids?