STEAM Stomp Full Day Camp
8/15/2016 to 8/19/2016
Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Grades: 4th – 7th
Price: $250 / Additional Siblings $220Find some good vibrations with Physics. Explore where sound comes from and how it is made in this camp that will allow young artists and engineers to make their own musical instruments and then perform at the September First Friday event at the RAC for Bee Festival (9/2/2016). Thats some good Buzz!

SLY: What kind of work do you do?
Cassie: I do STEM educational outreach. Which means I teach summer camps, lead robotics programs in after school settings, present to parents and teachers on supporting their kids’ STEM interests, and host a making and tinkering booth at Maker Faire Detroit. Among many other things.
SLY: What two animals would you mix into one new animal?
Cassie: A narwhal and a horse. Oh wait. That already exists – that’s a unicorn!
SLY: What do you like to teach?
Cassie: I like to teach science, engineering, and math. My favorite topic to teach used to be physics, but now I think I like to teach engineering more – because, like the artistic design process, the engineering design process helps kids design a solution to a problem or invent something new.
SLY: What’s your favorite vegetable? Mine is a pickle. Are you a vegetarian?
Cassie: Currently, my favorite veggies to snack on are sugar snap peas. I really like how crunchy and refreshing they are. I am not a vegetarian.
SLY: Do you have kids?
Cassie: No kids yet.