Here is Sly’s interview with Jennifer Lickers, a FLY Summer Camp veteran who has done camps the last two years running.  This year she is offering Doctor Seuss Camp and Mystical Creatures.  The pictures above are works by kids in her camp last summer!  She is awesome.

SLY: What kind of work do you do?
Jennifer: In my personal practice I consider myself a painter.
SLY: What two animals would you mix into one new animal?
Jennifer: Sounds cruel!
SLY: What do you like to teach?
Jennifer: Everything I can! Art history and drawing are my favorites.
SLY: What’s your favorite vegetable? Mine is a pickle. Are you a vegetarian?
Jennifer: avocado, or is that a fruit? [I’m vegetarian] on Mondays
SLY: Do you have kids?
Jennifer: Yes