We are working with a bunch of local organizations to bring you some community events, just like last year! If you would like to attend or help us with sponsorship, these are the events.

In many of them, we will be sharing about Ypsilanti and pioneering woman scientist, Marie Tharp:

5/6 5pm-7pm
Host: First Fridays and African-American Historical Mural Project
Where: In the RAC Off-Center Gallery, 64 N. Huron Street, Ypsilanti
Activity: Sidewalk chalk on paper in the gallery. Make LARGE art! Collaborate! Hear about the

5/15 7:00 AM-11:00AM
Host: Girls on the Run of Southeast Michigan
Where: University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex, 2800 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Activity: We will explore Plate Tectonics with construction and collaboration as a way of learning hands-on about the discoveries of Marie Tharp, a pioneering woman scientist from Ypsilanti.  See Map

Host: Ypsilanti P.R.I.D.E Day: Be proud of Ypsilanti and Beautify
Where: Downtown Ypsilanti TBA
Activity: Cartography crunch with the story of Marie Tharp! We will explore some ideas about maps and cartography through drawing and collage.

Host: Ypsilanti Community Advisory Board Spring Fest: Growth
Where: Ypsilanti Community Middle School, 235 Spencer Lane
Activity: This is a wonderful community event where you can connect with Ypsilanti Community Services who are non-profits, government agencies, and just everyone who participates in our community. There is a free dinner, and FLY will have an activity table on the theme of Growth.

Host: Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse
Where: 307 N. River Street
Activity: Since the A2SO will be there with the Instrument Petting Zoo, we will find out how sound relates to mapping and continue to grow our knowledge about Marie Tharp through some noise-making and sound-wave art projects.

Host: Y-trikes at The Off-Center
Where: 64 N. Huron in the Off-Center Gallery and the side lot of the RAC at 76 N. Huron
Activity: We will help decorate bikes for a Bike parade and see how the Y-Trikes are popping into gear! Bring your Bike, bring your helmet! Bring your thinking cap!