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Creativity Opens Doors

At FLY, we believe in the art of making things happen! We bring kids creative experiences that empower them to imagine, invent and innovate. We do this because, quite simply, it’s what’s needed to help kids and communities bloom—and thrive. Come join our workshops, camps and events!

Updates from the FLY Creativity Lab

Introducing Our New Director, Laura Amtower!!

For the past 9 months I have served as interim Executive Director here at FLY Art Center. It has been a year of many transitions as we moved locations, made a brand new website, and renewed our board – adding a few new members (and I will return to the board and...

Ty’s Reflection: Fabulous Contraptions!

Fabulous Painting Contraption We took one of our Fabulous Contraptions to the banks We lined up along the banks and listened carefully Looking on while the teacher goes to set up the Archimedes Screw We found some cool sticks while we waited We came out on a pile of...

Reflection: CSI and Watersheds Summer Camp

Using some print-outs we observed fish and drew or painted them What we found in the parking lot! Walking through the watershed! We used brushes and trowels to unearth the skeleton Figuring out what we have, and checking the scale. Setting the points by measuring and...